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Build a powerful marketing and communications tool. Generate qualified leads (data-driven marketing).

A unique way to capture your leads effectively and automatically scoring them.

The scorecard was a key part in automating the cycle of generating and scoring our leads.

Luís Gonçalves

CEO, Evolution4all

WidgiLabs is specialized in WordPress development and they have created a beautiful scorecard solution that also sends a pdf report via e-mail and integrates with your CRM of choice.

Nuno Morgadinho

CEO, WidgiLabs

Do you have a WordPress website and want to build a scorecard? Start here

If you want to have a successful company you need to know how to generate leads and turn them into sales. Most businesses only collect a list of names and email addresses, and then send information to people until they buy something or unsubscribe. This approach is risky, unproductive and outdated, especially now with GDPR in effect.
The Scorecard is a new approach which allows you to gather dozens of pieces of information about a prospect, and give them value before you talk to them about something that specifically meets their needs.
Not only is this better for them, it’s massively more effective for your business, too. You can pick up the phone to a prospect knowing exactly what they’re open and responsive to. You will know in advance of sending an email that what you are sending is perfectly tailored to their needs.
This is possible when you have the right data.
We can take you through a process of building your own scorecard.

Still have questions?

Similar to the “Key Person of Influence Scorecard” and the “Organisational Mastery Scorecard”  your scorecard will allow generating qualified leads and when contacts arrive you will already know a whole lot about the prospect.

The scorecard consists of:

  • 30 questions divided into 5 key dimensions;
  • answers in a scale of 1-10 or yes/no questions, each with an associated score;
  • PDF report that is sent out for the user at the end;
Money back guarantee 30 days
The Scorecard plugin is licensed per site.
At the moment we do not think it is necessary to provide a documentation manual. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
If you encounter any problems with the plugin please contact us.

Your Scorecard Funnel


You’re probably just one funnel away from digital success. Here are some other Scorecards.

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A Scorecard to evaluate your “dental fitness”

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With Ready to Use CRM Integrations Available

Create contacts with lead score, subscribe users to pre-defined automations. Have more leads and turn them into sales.

Infusionsoft by Keap





Your favorite CRM software can also be integrated. Contact us to learn more.

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We can take you through a process of building your own scorecard.

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