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Widgi Weekly Round-Up #2

This post is part of the web series we call the "Widgi Weeky Round-Up", a gathering of the best posts, products and websites from the past week all handpicked by our team; They can go from science to arts, so enjoy! Sign up here to have the latest Weekly Round-Up...

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Widgi Weekly Roundup

After realizing inside WidgiLabs we read a lot of articles and sites on the web and usually share it between us, we thought it was a good idea to share it with the rest of the world too. So this will be a gathering of the best posts, products and websites from the...

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Mark Jeffries

Mark Jeffries has become a much sought-after Keynote Speaker and leading event Moderator/MC across USA, Canada and Europe. We are proud and honored to have helped Mark rethink his online presence.

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This coworking space is the ideal place to work while staying in Lisbon. Full of creative people and a vibrant environment with good facilities and restaurants and shops nearby. We were absolutely thrilled to bring Coworklisboa's website to WordPress.

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Lisbon BIG Apps 2013

Lisbon Big Apps was a joint venture between imatch supported by Câmara Municial de Lisboa, and Vodafone Portugal, collaborating in the launch of a competition with the objective of developing mobile applications based on the use of open data sets provided by Câmara...

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Solar Egas Moniz

The Solar Egas Moniz “Charming House & Local Experiences” is the result of the dream of a family from the north of Portugal: the Vinha Family. This family invites you to come and awaken your senses, to let yourself go on a voyage which enhances the fullness of the...

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REC Videos

REC is a platform to showcase professional videos. Videomakers can upload their work in one place to be known worldwide and companies can find great videos and talent. (English, Portuguese and Spanish)

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Popybox - Enjoy Your Beauty - was the first beauty box launched in Portugal.  This innovative cosmetic subscription service has build a community of 8000+ in less than a year.  

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Rotary International Convention 2013

The Rotary International Convention 2013 was a major event in Lisbon that received major coverage across the media. It was a great pleasure for us to be involved in designing and implementing this website and helping the team delivering a great event experience.

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Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning portal by Ana Neves, organizer of the Social Now conference.

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WP Conference Theme

We recently launched WP Conference Theme (www.wpconferencetheme.com) with the goal of being a solution for conference websites based on WordPress. It features speakers, program, sponsors, Eventbrite integration, etc. If any of you are willing to try it out we’re...

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Entrepreneurship as a Couple

When we got invited to give a One Talk about "Entrepreneurship as a Couple" we were a bit reluctant. It wasn't an easy topic to cover and we would probably be sharing bits and pieces not just about our professional relationship but also about our personal relationship...

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A tale of the mighty WordPress

  Imagine a company (Company X) that secures funding and outsources the development of its platform to an agency that develops from scratch a CMS (Content Management System) in order to cope with the list of requirements. After some time the project is struggling with...

CMS-based or coded from scratch Website?

A few years ago, to build a website, people would invest thousands of dollars and the end result was most likely a coded from scratch Website by the hired supplier. Today, WordPress and other CMS (Content Management System) platforms make our life easier while also...

The unfair advantage of running a Website

A man enters a clerk shop disguised as a normal employee and presents himself as the new freshman that is in need of training and help to know where to start. The shop assistant got the memo saying this guy would be starting today and she frowns upon the...