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We have limited availability, if you want to work with us please signal your interest by submitting an application online. Clients that submit early have advantage because we are more likely to accommodate their project.

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How do we choose who to work with?

1. You are deeply committed to the project results.
2. You think of WidgiLabs as partners and not just suppliers.
3. You want to be involved in key decisions but not worry about minor issues.
4. You can allocate time for regular meetings during the project (every two weeks max.) or when it is absolutely necessary.
5. You are willing to provide the necessary information in order for the work to proceed on-time.
6. You are able to nominate a unique person to communicate in name of the business.
7. You don’t mind working in iterations until you achieve a remarkable product.
8. You are comfortable communicating using online tools.

We’ll work with companies from anywhere in the world.

We’ll happily work with companies that are just starting and have nothing more than an idea. And we’ve worked with companies that had over $1M in annual revenue and over 50 employees.