Nuno Morgadinho

Nuno Morgadinho

WidgiLabs CEO

Nowadays, social media is a must-have to companies and agencies. Without social media, those companies can easily end up being forgotten and lost between their competitors. However, having social media but having a poor management of them can also lead to a similar path as if you didn’t have them at all. 


There are a few unwritten rules about good management of social media that you should know about, if you really want to improve your online presence near your current and/or future clients. 


The first rule you should know about is that you have to post regularly. “Why?” You ask. Unfortunately or not, it’s all about the algorithms. If you post regularly, Instagram’s and Facebook’s algorithm will highlight you in pages that allow the user to explore other users, pages or interests. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that by posting with a certain regularity, you “train” your viewers to expect to see your content in regular days and hours, therefore they will be waiting for your post at a certain day or hour to see what you have to say; and this takes us to the next unwritten rule:



Content matters. Before the how, when, where, to whom questions, you should be asking yourself what should you post in order to engage properly with your audience. By posting original and appealing content, you give your audience a chance of seeing things they’ve never seen before and attract them to view and like/comment/share your content more regularly as well. 


How do you know if your content is being efficiently viewed? By seeing the amount of engagement you get by post. If you post a picture to an audience of 500 people and only get 2-3 likes and *perhaps* one share, then maybe the content you’re posting might not be adequate to the audience that follows you. 


The solution? It might not work with every single one of you that reads this, but I believe it’s worth a try: Ask what your audience wants to see, do polls, do surveys, do any sort of things that can give you a deep insight of what the people seeing your content want. If you don’t know what your audience thinks of you and your content, you’ll lack:

  1. Empathy from the audience
  2. Interest from the audience
  3. Engagement (and possible word-spreading) from the audience


And those are the three things you want to avoid: Having a huge dead audience is the same thing as having no audience at all



The third unwritten rule is seize the moment. We currently live in a world fuelled by fast-content. Every hour, minute, second, a post is being published online and the chance of it being seen by half of the creator’s audience is quite low. So you have to seize the moments that surround you and your company. 


Pick the perfect moment to post about a specific topic otherwise it’ll get lost between the sea of daily posts. Learn how to take advantage of current situations, trends and use them to your advantage not only to upgrade your content but to have an up-to-date content ready to be delivered. If you have a post ready to go online for more than 2 weeks, there’s a very high probability of having any sort of out-of-date information already and by the time you post it, it won’t be relevant anymore.


That’s where all comes together: Relevance is the key to surviving in a fast-content-filled world. The algorithms and sorting mechanisms of every social media is determined by how relevant the content can be and that means you have to do 3 things:


  1. Create good content
  2. Show what you create regularly
  3. Grab the opportunities around you to properly show your content to your audience



With those in mind and practice, you’ll be able to convince the people who see your content that you deserve to be relevant around them and eventually they’ll reach out to you in order to see what else do you have to say and show. 







light bulb illustrating an ideaEvery business must rethink their online presence, making it more dynamic, more social and mobile in order to capture the attention as well as the spending in this current crowded market. We don’t have all the answers, but we have a lot of experience working with businesses and a lot of advice to give on how to level up your website. If you are interested in seeing how you can improve, drop us a line and we’ll follow up.